Get the Low Down on BJ Campbell

BJ Campbell

Born: May 16, 1979
Hometown: Bishop, Calif.
Current Residence: Aguila, Ariz.
Family: Wife, Heather
TR Partner: Brock Hanson
Fav Rodeo: Reno
Fav Jackpot: George Strait
Fav Horse: Hillbilly
Other Pets: Cowdog (Dolly)
Rope of Choice: Classic GT4
Saddle: Coats
Trailer: TBD
Hero: My dad (Jeroll Campbell) & Sam Willis
Other than Rodeo: Ride Colts and Train Rope & Steer Wrestling Horses
Fav Band: Johnny Cash
Fav Food: Tacos
Fav TV Show: UFC
Fav Movie: Lonesome Dove
Fav Sports Team: The Giants
Dream Sponsor: Any Sponsor helps
In one word: Tough
Words to rodeo by: Try hard and keep a good attitude
Words to live by: Be a man of your word